Air Flow

We have invested £2000 in Airflow. A revolutionary new system, which uses a mixture of jet-water, air and bicarbonate powder, to gently clean the teeth. It is much more gentle compared to the ultrasonic scaling as it doesn’t directly touch the teeth and removes surface stains more efficiently.

It’s also usful for disrupting plaque build up in pockets for those who suffer from gum disease. It comes in a variety of differt flavours, so actually tastes nice and is excellent for those looking for brighter whiter smiles. Only £29.90 – on top of your usual scaling ( Still needed to remove the tartar) – ask your dentist or hygienist.

X-Ray Equipment

You may notice that our X-ray system has changed – We are completely digital now and the detail seen on the screen is incredible – just ask your dentist if you can have a look too!

This makes storing, retrieving, sharing and analysing (diagnostics) your X-rays much easier. The X-ray dose is also reduced to the lowest possible amount. The practice has invested over £10,000 on this.