Plan with Hewett’s Dental

by | Mar 26, 2021

Plan with Hewett’s Dental


The beginning of 2021 saw uplift in enquiries for dental membership plans.

During the end of the 1st national Lockdown, we saw more people wanting to care for their teeth. We had more time than ever to think and more time to take care of our health.

Dental treatment can’t always be planned for and can more often than not make an unexpected appearance. There’s nothing wrong with it happening, we are here to help and it can happen to anyone! Eating healthy, brushing regularly, it still happens and you can’t blame yourself.

What can be done is maintaining and planning. Routine dental appointments can help maintain your gums and teeth, just like taking your car for annual MOT.

Smile care membership plan at Hewett’s allows you to spread the cost of routine maintenance visits through the year at low and affordable prices, giving you 5-10%* off treatments required.
The monthly amount is £13.85 with a £10 joining fee for new members.

What can you expect from the plan?
o Two examination appointments with your chosen dentist per year
o Two cleans with your dentist per year
o Unlimited X-rays, this can be routine or to help diagnose treatment
o 5-10% off treatment plans excluding referrals and  some cosmetic work.

Hygiene therapy plan
What can you expect from the hygiene therapy plan?
o All of the standard plan above
o Two Supportive periodontal therapy appointments with the hygienist per year (usually pay as you go £124.90 per session)
o 50% off periodontal treatment.

The hygiene plan will be recommended to you by your hygienist.

Call our care coordinators on 01464714717 for more information or if you would like to join our Smilecare membership