Easing Dental Fear In Adults

by | Sep 7, 2021

Dental phobia 

Dental phobia unfortunately can cause people to live with toothache, infections, bleeding gums and more. Many people are so embarrassed and anxious about the appearance of their teeth, that they go several years without smiling. Only when tooth pain/ appearance becomes unbearable do they realise that a trip to the dentist is unavoidable.

There are structured methods in place to help you get through your dental appointment with minimal discomfort, both physically and emotionally.

At Hewett’s we take this very seriously and want to make your journey when joining us as streamlined as possible.

Here are the practical steps we encourage you to take, to make your visits more manageable:

1. Talk to us! As with any phobia, the most important step to overcoming your fear is to identify the source of the problem. It may have been a bad experience at the school dentist, an uncomfortable injection, or even a horror story that you heard elsewhere. Whatever the reason, the most important step is to identify this. At Hewett’s, we encourage you to talk to us about your fears and feelings. All new patients are invited to meet with our patient care coordinators, who will have a relaxed discussion with you in a comfortable meeting room. Our patient coordinators are available to support you through each of your appointments.

2. Headphones: Plenty of patients report that their biggest trigger is the sound of the dental drill. Many people choose to bring in some music and their headphones, which they listen to throughout their treatment. This is a very easy and effective method to reduce your anxiety, and get you through your dental appointment. Don’t forget: We also have televisions above the dental chair so you can relax whilst your treatment takes place.

3. Take yourself away In our state-of-the-art surgeries, Hewett’s have TV’s in the ceiling to keep you entertained throughout your appointment. We have a range of DVD’s in surgery, but if there is a particular DVD you would like to watch, bring it along and we will happily play it for you.

4. Sedation– Sedation is a very popular treatment option at Hewett’s Dental. For patients who are simply unable to cope with treatment, or may be struggling with the idea of something such as an extraction, sedation can be a brilliant option. Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax in the dental chair. Intravenous (IV) sedation is available at Hewett’s. It is a very accurate and controlled method of sedation, which allows us to continually adjust the level of sedation medication being used, ensuring you stay calm and relaxed throughout your appointment.

5. Trust us, we will do the hard work. All you need to focus on is getting yourself through the door. This is the hardest step. Once you have done that, we will take everything from there.  We pride ourselves on taking every step we can to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. At Hewett’s, we believe in bringing kindness and dentistry together. No appointment is rushed, and patients are encouraged to relax and feel a part of the family from the moment they step through the door. We are proud to have helped many of our patients overcome a life-long dental phobia, and we hope to help many more people on that journey. Don’t let your anxiety be a barrier to a happier, healthier smile – let us help you today.

Spotlight on: Dr Sabrina

GDC Number 83928 – BDS Sheffield 2004, Member of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD). Harley Street trained at Avanti Aesthetics academy to offer facial aesthetics

Sabrina is our lead sedationist in the practice and caters for the most nervous patients, empathising with the fact that many patients have a lifelong phobia of dentists usually due to a previous bad experience. Her approachable personality and caring nature helps put them at ease.

If you think you’re just too nervous to have anything done then ask for Sabrina when booking as she is likely to have seen far worse. She has a particular interest in sedation, nervous patients, dental phobias and cosmetic dentistry.

Easing Dental Phobia at Hewett's Dental
Digital Dentistry

The future of dental treatment is here.

We are proud and excited to offer all our patients lab quality dental appliances and crowns made here in house.

This means we are able to fit crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and bridges in one visit, meaning less anaesthetic as we only need to have one appointment, no waiting for the lab to return the work to us and therefore saving you time.

Our Dentists took part in a whole weekend learning workshop In January to improve their skills using this new technology. They can’t wait to share their new found clinical knowledge and skills with you their patients.

If you struggle to get days off work, don’t want to visit the dentist more than you need to this is the perfect method available for you.

*Subject to availability

Caring for your smile: join Smilecare

As a registered patient at Hewett’s Dental Practice we are committed to continually improving our services to you by constantly investing in high quality equipment and materials. You are already aware of our high standards in providing you with comprehensive and exemplary dental care so why not join us as a member?

Our Smilecare membership plan is a fantastic option to do just that! A monthly direct debit of £13.85 covers you for 2 annual examinations and cleans with the dentist as well as any x-rays we may need to take. This gives you a brilliant saving of £82 for your routine care over the course of the year, which is not to be missed out on. What’s more; all plan members are given a 10% price reduction on treatment costs thus giving you more savings whilst ensuring optimal dental health.  Please email holly@adhewett.co.uk for more information and to request an application form. You can also sign up at reception at your next visit.