Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness Month

Cancer Awareness


Fundraise. Pledge. Volunteer. Donate.

February 4th is an international day to raise awareness of cancer and to encourage its prevention, detection, and treatment. The 22nd World Cancer Day is led by the Union for International Cancer Control to support the goals of the World Cancer Declaration.

The Theme for this year’s World Cancer Day is ‘Close the Care Gap’, a way to increase awareness of the gap that affects almost everyone seeking cancer care who may hit barriers at every turn. Income, education, geographical location and discrimination based on ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability and lifestyle are just a few of the factors that can negatively affect care.

Currently, mouth cancer affects 650,000 worldwide per year. It is therefore important to ensure that we continue to raise awareness for mouth cancer.

We would like to help raise awareness by providing free leaflets that illustrate the self-check for mouth cancer.

Information provided by Mouth Cancer Foundation | Helpline: 01924 950 950

If you are currently working in the care home sector, the Mouth Cancer Foundation are providing free updated leaflets. ‘LOOK, LISTEN AND OBSERVE FOR MOUTH CANCER’ shows care home staff how to spot changes in the mouth, identify, check and know the signs and symptoms of mouth cancer and enables staff to support residents in their daily mouth care routines.

The leaflets will be provided to the homes currently seen by Hewett’s Dental over the month of February.
Download the free leaflet below

Say Hello…

Meet Hannah
Hannah is an experienced dental nurse, she qualified in 2017 with Diploma in Dental Nursing Level 3. She has quickly established herself as a friendly face at Hewett’s. You may see her working with Dr Essam or Dr Seby.

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Hello 2022

Hello 2022

A Happy 2022 to all.

We hope all our patients and their families had time to rest and celebrate.

We greet the surgery again for another fantastic year ahead of us and look forward to welcoming you at your next visit.

Treatment profile

Composite Bonding
Teeth in total
Reason for treatment
Patient was unhappy about gap in central uppers and wanted to close the gap between them.
Procedure time
1 hour, plus extra session for final polishing (20-30 mins)
None-invasive, minimal preparation, no anaesthetic required
End result
Closed gap, creating illusion of straighter teeth without the need for orthodontic alignment. A thumb up, happy patient, out within the hour with a new smile and new found confidence.

Thank you for placing your trust with Hewett’s
For more information regarding any of the procedures available at Hewett’s please email, or call


A warm welcome

Kirstie Chan
Dental therapist
Reg: 281283

Kirstie has joined the team for the New Year. Kirstie is a dental therapist and will be helping to keep your gums healthy and your teeth shining.
She is a member of the British Association of Dental Therapists, and recently attended and completed Totally Composite course with Monik Vasant.
Kirstie enjoys seeing great outcomes that patients achieve through their journey by modifying techniques and habits, and as a result seeing them happier, healthier and more confident. Changing patient’s attitude and mindset towards dentistry gives her a great sense of accomplishment, as she is aware that many patients are dentally anxious due to bad experiences. Kirstie is enthusiastic about reversing patient’s phobias.
Out of work Kirstie enjoys keeping active with outdoor leisure; long hikes and great views, skiing, cheerleading and gym. She also loves to spend time travelling, and being a plant mum!

Supporting local means you are supporting a community. Brighouse is the heart of a busy, surrounding circle, with close links to Leeds, Halifax, Huddersfield and Manchester. Our town thrives with commuters passing through, locals on there lunch break and daily shoppers.

We love our options in Brighouse and cannot wait to try what was originally (and still frequently) a food van and appeared on the Brighouse market; Crust and Crumb 77.

Crust and crumb have opened up in Brighouse town centre and serve freshly made breads, pizzas and much more. The menu online looks delicious. Booking can be made on their website.

Updating information
It’s important we keep up to date information about you, your medical history and other areas. To save time when you come into the practice, you can complete your forms online before you attend your appointment. This also enables you to complete these forms in the comfort of your own home. If you have any enquiries please call reception where we will be happy to help.

A brighter smile this Christmas

A huge thank you to everyone who visited Hewett’s in 2021, for all your perseverance and continued support throughout the last year again. It was certainly another challenging one for many. 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year From all the team at Hewett’s Dental 




Elite Invisalign Providers

Hewett’s have been awarded with Elite provider status in recognition of having helping over 300 patients achieve their ideal smile and improving their overall dental health. 

If you have further question about Invisalign please contact holly@adhewett.co.uk.

Whitening Competition


For a chance to win a bespoke set of whitening trays, case and Boutique Whitening kit please visit the link for entry details*

Click here 

Boutique whitening Stay safe, stay smiling

Boutique products are ONLY supplied to dentists, meaning your new white smile will be delivered safely and professionally. Illegal teeth whitening bought online or carried out by hairdressers and beauty salons carries great risk – read about the dangers here!

Welcome Back

A warm welcome back to one of our amazing registered nurse Megan. Megan has been on maternity leave after her having her adorable son, she has had an amazing break and is ecstatic to be back -we are all so pleased to see her back in surgery too!

Dentist in the community

Throughout the pandemic we have managed to continue our care safely and effectively to care home residents, providing routine and treatment appointments.
Two of our team members Leah and Muney received an amazing token of gratitude recently from one of the residential homes visited earlier this year.

If you have a relative, friend or colleague who is in need of a dental visit in a residential home for themselves, or a family member please enquire via the email provided below:


Mental Health at Christmas

This time of year may be overwhelming or isolating to some individuals, with the last 2 years we have had, it may feel even more detrimental to your health.

The New Normal
If you have suffered from ill mental health, it’s easy to be overwhelmed quickly by social gatherings, money issues, and the new Covid pandemic.

Find the latest infographic poster here for more information.

Christmas opening hours

Please note the practice will be closed from Friday 24th December 2021 at 4:30pm and will re-open on Tuesday 4th January 2022 at 08:30am.
If you have any dental emergencies or enquires over the festive period please contact our associates at the Elland practice located at Lowfield Place, Victoria Rd, Elland HX5 0AB.
Contact number: 01422 370353.
You can book your appointments online for the New Year
with Hewett’s Dental here

Teeth stain removal treatment -by gentle air/water abrasion

Teeth stain removal treatment -by gentle air/water abrasion

Stain removal treatment -by gentle air/water abrasion

Stain removal treatment -by gentle air/water abrasion
What is Air abrasion? 
Air abrasion therapy is a hygiene treatment that removes persistent stains and biofilm from your tooth surfaces without causing any damage.

This is done using a combination of water, compressed air and fine powder particles. These three components are combined in a high-powered jet which gently remove stains from your teeth including hard to reach areas as well as biofilm from above and below the gum line.

Dental plaque is a biofilm of harmful bacteria that grows on surfaces within the mouth.

Stain removal treatment -by gentle air/water abrasion
Reason why you may want air abrasion treatment.

Stained teeth/ duller looking teeth.

The types of stains that can be removed are ones caused by daily drinks, foods and social habits like coffee, tea, tobacco and red wine. Also it can be used for the removal of chlorhexidine staining .

Is it the right treatment for you? 

Air abrasion treatment can be repeated regularly. It is ideal for removing biofilm, stains and young calculus on natural teeth.

One Air abrasion session can get rid of all the plaque and staining from your teeth.

Air abrasion treatment is a great way to keep on top of your dental hygiene and oral health.  Additionally, it is also great for a quick fix for special occasions such as weddings, holidays and job interviews.

Not advised for pregnant, breastfeeding’s or any patient with chronic breathing problems.

How to book?

Call the team on 01484714717 where we can create an appointment for you

 Brighouse Dentist Serving Halifax, Huddersfield & Bradford (adhewett.co.uk)
Who to contact

We recently had some updated email changes.

If you would like to get in touch to speak about becoming a member please email tim@adhewett.co.uk 

If you have an enquiry or would like to speak to someone about your treatment plan please email holly@adhewett.co.uk 

If you would like to collaborate in marketing with Hewett’s please email tim@adhewett.co.uk

Easing Dental Fear In Adults

Easing Dental Fear In Adults

Dental phobia 

Dental phobia unfortunately can cause people to live with toothache, infections, bleeding gums and more. Many people are so embarrassed and anxious about the appearance of their teeth, that they go several years without smiling. Only when tooth pain/ appearance becomes unbearable do they realise that a trip to the dentist is unavoidable.

There are structured methods in place to help you get through your dental appointment with minimal discomfort, both physically and emotionally.

At Hewett’s we take this very seriously and want to make your journey when joining us as streamlined as possible.

Here are the practical steps we encourage you to take, to make your visits more manageable:

1. Talk to us! As with any phobia, the most important step to overcoming your fear is to identify the source of the problem. It may have been a bad experience at the school dentist, an uncomfortable injection, or even a horror story that you heard elsewhere. Whatever the reason, the most important step is to identify this. At Hewett’s, we encourage you to talk to us about your fears and feelings. All new patients are invited to meet with our patient care coordinators, who will have a relaxed discussion with you in a comfortable meeting room. Our patient coordinators are available to support you through each of your appointments.

2. Headphones: Plenty of patients report that their biggest trigger is the sound of the dental drill. Many people choose to bring in some music and their headphones, which they listen to throughout their treatment. This is a very easy and effective method to reduce your anxiety, and get you through your dental appointment. Don’t forget: We also have televisions above the dental chair so you can relax whilst your treatment takes place.

3. Take yourself away In our state-of-the-art surgeries, Hewett’s have TV’s in the ceiling to keep you entertained throughout your appointment. We have a range of DVD’s in surgery, but if there is a particular DVD you would like to watch, bring it along and we will happily play it for you.

4. Sedation– Sedation is a very popular treatment option at Hewett’s Dental. For patients who are simply unable to cope with treatment, or may be struggling with the idea of something such as an extraction, sedation can be a brilliant option. Sedation dentistry uses medication to help patients relax in the dental chair. Intravenous (IV) sedation is available at Hewett’s. It is a very accurate and controlled method of sedation, which allows us to continually adjust the level of sedation medication being used, ensuring you stay calm and relaxed throughout your appointment.

5. Trust us, we will do the hard work. All you need to focus on is getting yourself through the door. This is the hardest step. Once you have done that, we will take everything from there.  We pride ourselves on taking every step we can to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible. At Hewett’s, we believe in bringing kindness and dentistry together. No appointment is rushed, and patients are encouraged to relax and feel a part of the family from the moment they step through the door. We are proud to have helped many of our patients overcome a life-long dental phobia, and we hope to help many more people on that journey. Don’t let your anxiety be a barrier to a happier, healthier smile – let us help you today.

Spotlight on: Dr Sabrina

GDC Number 83928 – BDS Sheffield 2004, Member of the Society for the Advancement of Anaesthesia in Dentistry (SAAD). Harley Street trained at Avanti Aesthetics academy to offer facial aesthetics

Sabrina is our lead sedationist in the practice and caters for the most nervous patients, empathising with the fact that many patients have a lifelong phobia of dentists usually due to a previous bad experience. Her approachable personality and caring nature helps put them at ease.

If you think you’re just too nervous to have anything done then ask for Sabrina when booking as she is likely to have seen far worse. She has a particular interest in sedation, nervous patients, dental phobias and cosmetic dentistry.

Easing Dental Phobia at Hewett's Dental
Digital Dentistry

The future of dental treatment is here.

We are proud and excited to offer all our patients lab quality dental appliances and crowns made here in house.

This means we are able to fit crowns, veneers, onlays, inlays and bridges in one visit, meaning less anaesthetic as we only need to have one appointment, no waiting for the lab to return the work to us and therefore saving you time.

Our Dentists took part in a whole weekend learning workshop In January to improve their skills using this new technology. They can’t wait to share their new found clinical knowledge and skills with you their patients.

If you struggle to get days off work, don’t want to visit the dentist more than you need to this is the perfect method available for you.

*Subject to availability

Caring for your smile: join Smilecare

As a registered patient at Hewett’s Dental Practice we are committed to continually improving our services to you by constantly investing in high quality equipment and materials. You are already aware of our high standards in providing you with comprehensive and exemplary dental care so why not join us as a member?

Our Smilecare membership plan is a fantastic option to do just that! A monthly direct debit of £13.85 covers you for 2 annual examinations and cleans with the dentist as well as any x-rays we may need to take. This gives you a brilliant saving of £82 for your routine care over the course of the year, which is not to be missed out on. What’s more; all plan members are given a 10% price reduction on treatment costs thus giving you more savings whilst ensuring optimal dental health.  Please email holly@adhewett.co.uk for more information and to request an application form. You can also sign up at reception at your next visit.

Composite bonding

Composite edge bonding and composite veneers What’s the difference?


A question that has been asked more frequently. At Hewett’s we like to make sure our patients and the public are up to date and fuelled with information for their treatment journey.

Over the last two years people are more aware that a ‘white filling’ is indeed composite filling material.

What is composite edge bonding? 

Composite edge bonding is an excellent and modern way to either restore teeth or contour a tooth’s shape. It can be used in a cosmetic way. It is sculpted on to edges of teeth to improve the shape and refine teeth to make them appear natural. It is usually used after Invisalign to complete treatment.

What colour can I get, will it match my natural tooth? 

The colour composition is checked in great articulate detail by the dentist and patient to ensure they have chosen the best match colour for each individual. 

Can I whiten my teeth after composite bonding? 

If whitening your teeth is something your are considering, it would be advised that you consider doing this before composite bonding. Composite is a resin material and won’t lift when whitening. Its always best to achieve your desired colour, then when you are happy you can continue to have your composite bonding completed.  

Photo of teeth before and after composite bonding
Composite Veneers

What are composite Veneers? 

Composite veneers are used when the resin is sculpted onto the the whole surface of the front of a tooth.

I don’t like the shape of my teeth, I don’t think I need braces, what else can I do?

Composite veneers can be used when you have abnormal tooth structure. The resin can be used to create more volume, close gaps and give an illusion of straighter teeth.



In any case, at Hewett’s we would recommend consulting your dentist. If you have any questions or would like to book a consultation please follow the link below