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Dental Insurance

At A.D.Hewett & Associates Dental Practice, Brighouse nr Halifax & Huddersfield, we have become increasingly aware that many of our own patients pay into some form of insurance scheme to cover the cost of their dental treatment. These schemes do not usually cover the total cost of work completed, our findings also suggest a maximum of 50% of the total cost is usually covered and most have a maximum claim limit.

In the past we have not had any payment plans available in the practice in addition to our fixed prices. Feedback from our patients has suggested that many would prefer an alternative to how you currently pay for your dental treatment, one which may help our patients to budget for their treatment.

We would like to recommend Denplan Care which you pay for monthly, avoiding costly surprises, has no big costs to pay up front and all standard treatments are covered 100% (excluding any laboratory fees).

A recent survey showed that 20% of adults in this country have stopped seeing a dentist because they cannot afford the costs involved. With time this can lead to pain and suffering and even more expensive bills to put things right.

Denplan is the most established dental programme and the leading provider of payment plans in the UK. Under Denplan Care each patient has a free individual assessment to establish a monthly fee.

This fee covers:

  • Examinations.

  • X-rays.

  • Necessary standard fillings.

  • Hygiene appointments (including scale and polishes).

  • Root fillings.

  • Gum treatment.

  • Standard Crowns, bridges and dentures (excluding laboratory bills).

This plan also includes Denplan’s Supplementary Insurance cover, supported by a 24 hour, worldwide dental accident and emergency help line.

What you need to do to register for Denplan care

In order to take up the offer of Denplan Care it will be necessary to have your routine examination and undertake any remedial dental work required from that examination. Once this is complete and we have a clear picture of your dental health, your free assessment can be made (probably at the same time your work is completed to save having to return to the surgery). Your application to Denplan can be completed, once your assessment has been undertaken and a monthly fee, depending on your dental health, which ranges from £13 – £43 is set up.

Please call A D Hewett & Associates Dental Practice on 01484 714717 / 01484 716246 to have this free assessment added to your next check up. Please note we will only be allocating limited slots for the free assessment and these will be filled on a first come first served basis.