Terms & Conditions of Business


    • We will endeavour to send appointment reminders by letter, email or text however, these are a courtesy and it is up to the patient to remember to book and keep any appointments made.

    • All patients are required to give 36 hours notice of cancellation of an appointment. Failure to provide the above will incur a charge.

    • Missed appointments will be charged or the charge agreed or paid (at the discretion of the practice) before another appointment is made.

    • Charges are £1 per minute of wasted clinical time, e.g. 30 minute appointment = £30 fee

    • Any patient cancelling (without 36 hours notice) and/or missing 2 consecutive appointments will not be offered any further appointments.

    • Any patient missing 3 appointments (regardless of reason) in a 2 year period will not be offered any further appointments.

    • Should the practice need to cancel your appointment at short notice, we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible with an explanation and alternative appointment dates/times.

    • Patients arriving at reception who are late for their appointment time will be offered the choice to wait for the dentist to become available or rebook another appointment at no charge. This also applies if, for unforeseen circumstances, the dentist is running late with previous patients.


Treatment costs

    • Current prices for treatment are displayed in the reception/waiting room and copies are available on request and can also be found on our website www.adhewett.co.uk

    • An estimate for the cost of treatment is available on request and will be provided for all treatments over £26.00, or at the request of the dentist.

    • All treatments are guaranteed for 12 months with the exception of periodontal treatments, root canal and denture repairs, or if the dentist has recommended another treatment option or discussed a poor outlook for your treatment option.

    • All treatment fees are payable after each appointment for the treatment received and by completion of the course of treatment.


None payment of fees

    • It is the policy of the practice to collect all outstanding treatment charges and we reserve the right to forward details of any non paying patients to an outside collection agency where a court order will be instigated.


Examination fees

    • To ensure patients are registered they must attend (and pay for) at least one appointment in 12 months. Patients who do not attend one appointment per year will be charged an examination fee of £64.90 (registered patients pay £54.90).


Emergency dental care

    • Only registered patients who have had and paid for an examination within the last 12 months are entitled to emergency dental care.Please call 111 for out of hours emergencies.



  • Children are treated free of charge up to the age of 18, provided they are in full-time education and subject to NHS availability.

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