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Tooth Staining

Are you a smoker?
Do you drink red wine?
Or coffee?

All can result in tooth staining

Life takes its toll on our teeth. Poor oral hygiene, and lifestyle habits such as smoking, or drinking tea and coffee can your stain teeth. Although there are certain toothpastes available to combat this, difficult tooth-staining is often tricky to remove.

At Hewett’s, we can help. If you have tough staining, ask a member of the team about our AirFlow polishing service.

Air flow before and after pictures


Our AirFlow treatment is designed to remove difficult tooth-staining caused by red wine, tea, coffee, and smoking.

Although this treatment is not a tooth-whitening therapy, AirFlow will significantly improve tooth brightness, giving you a noticeably fresh mouth in just one appointment.

What is AirFlow polishing?

AirFlow polishing is a state-of-the-art hygiene treatment that uses a mixture of air, jet water, and sodium bicarbonate to dramatically polish teeth. AirFlow polishing reaches the nooks and crannies of your teeth, leaving you with a fresher, brighter smile. The gentle treatment is free from harmful chemicals, so there is no risk of irritation or burns.